New Report from Uplands Alliance

A new report emphasises the public benefits from moorland management.  Research from the Uplands Alliance provides evidence that the financial support from the European Union for land management in the hills represents excellent value for money.

The uplands are of high value for the public benefits they provide society.  These include biodiversity, drinking water, carbon storage, stunning landscapes, places for public recreation and well-being and vibrant rural communities and economies.  Over 70 per cent of the uplands are a farmed landscape.  The payments paid to upland farmers and landowners equate to less than £3.30 for each of the 70 million visits made to Upland National Parks every year.  This broad range of public benefits for the environment, rural economy and communities are not paid for through markets for food, livestock and timber.  Future support should be structured to engage farmers and landowners and reward them to create, maintain, and enhance these benefits for society and minimise impacts of land use that impose costs on society.  Public money should be focused on delivering and enhancing these public benefits.