60th Anniversary Poetry Competition

The results are announced!

As part of our 60th anniversary celebrations, 2018 saw the return of the Poetry Competition, last held in 2013.  55 entries were received and these are the judges’ comments:

‘We were exposed to Exmoor in every season, bright and dark, welcoming and hostile, dry and sodden. In short, Exmoor was well and truly celebrated – its clouds and big skies, rivers and hills, pathways and lanes – with enthusiasm, joy and gratitude, which could not but move us.

From the technical point of view poetic forms ranged from the formality of the sonnet to completely free verse; we heard regular rhymes as well as some subtle and original rhymes; there was ingenious and creative use of space and enjambment, some lovely musicality, and even a concrete poem.

Our rules did not specify a type face, so we were treated to some handwritten texts, bringing their own individuality and distinctiveness, along with a huge variety of fonts.  But we did specify a maximum length, which sadly meant a couple of good poems excluded themselves.

Some poems worked particularly well, in that they were uniquely Exmoor focussed, consistently demonstrated originality (in subject, approach or expression), spoke clearly with freshness and concision, and skilfully used the many opportunities the medium of poetry offers.

Our winners certainly achieved this, but there were special moments in many of the poems.

We hope that the Exmoor Society’s Poetry Competition has demonstrated the power of poetry, raised its profile and saluted Exmoor in a special way.  

Thank you then to all our poets – thanks for your thoughts and feelings so carefully presented through poetry, for offering your poems, for entering the competition and supporting the work the Exmoor Society does.’

Judges Richard Westcott and Cathy Nicholls


First Prize : Old Ruddock’s boy made good, they say, up country – Pat Glover

Second Prize: Through Somerset Fields – Audrey Coldrick

Third Prize: Leprosy Window, Culbone Church – Ian Enters


The Sense – Paul Ings

An Imposition – Matt Bryden

May 17th – Graeme Ryan