Spring Webinars 2021: Nocturnal Exmoor

Burrow Farm Engine House Exmoor
Keith Trueman

NOCTURNAL EXMOOR: The Darkness Revealed

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, our usual Spring Conference was replaced by a series of four live weekly webinars during May 2021.  In 2011, Exmoor became Europe’s first international Dark Sky Reserve, in recognition of its low light pollution.  The webinars focused on nocturnality within the National Park to raise awareness of this hidden night world and evaluate the status of nocturnal wildlife and any threats to its existence.

Details and recordings of each one are below:

  1. Nocturnal Wildlife: Nocturnal Mammals – Professor Fiona Matthews; Bats of Exmoor – Dr Elizabeth Bradshaw; National Trust Beaver Project – Jack Siviter.  The recording is available on YouTube here.
  2. Night & Day: (Short film by Reflexeye) Bird Migration at Night – Tim Dee; Night on the Farm – Holly Purdey; Night through History – Rob Wilson-North (technical problems).  The recording is available on YouTube here.
  3. Dark Arts: (Short film by Reflexeye); Domestic Life before Electricity – Giles Quarme; The Night in Art – Susan Derges; Writing the Darkness – Victoria (Tortie) Eveleigh.  The recording is available on YouTube here.
  4. The Night Sky: Astronomical Dark Skies & their Importance – Jo Richardson; Astro-tourism Opportunities – Katrina Munro.  The recording is available on YouTube here.

This was our first foray into the world of Zoom webinars and some technical glitches were encountered, for which we apologise.  We hope these don’t spoil your enjoyment of the series as a whole and welcome any feedback through the usual channels.