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Response to Car Parking Charges in the National Park

The consultation on charging for the  National Park car parks in Exford and on Haddon Hill closed recently and our official response is below.

The Exmoor Society understand why ENP need to raise revenue and cover the costs of the services that they provide in their car parks.  However, we would argue that these charges should be aimed at visitors to Exmoor rather than residents. To this extent we support your proposal to charge for the carpark in Exford but not at Haddon Hill.

At Haddon Hill, the car park provides the only access to Exmoor to the residents of many small local villages. It is extremely accessible for different user groups as it is level walking and close to the main road. Unlike other areas on Exmoor there is only limited access to a wider network of paths and bridleways so there are few alternative free parking options.  It is popular with school children, young families and an elderly population for whom the demands of parking technology can be a profound barrier. For these reasons, we would not be in favour of any charges.

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